Application Opportunities

The employment process, starting with applications made through the internet, proceeds with filling in the related fields on the application form, checking the match of applicants forms with the planned need of departments in the company, and participation of suitable candidates in the face-to-face exams and interviews. The approval of the management is received for candidates matching the criteria at the end of the exam andinterview. All personal data of candidates involved in the employment process, such as CV, interview etc., are pooled via the "HR Employment Process Follow-Up Programme".

Internship Opportunities
Casio generally accepts interns for the summer months. Schools with vocational education related to sector are the first choices (Civil Aviation Vocational High School etc.). Regarding requests received from abroad, equivalency of schools in our country and health insurance are taken into condideration.
  • Students wiling to do internship must document that their internship is mandatory.
  • Applications must be made between February-May for summer period and between September-December for the winter period.
  • The internship periods are arranged according to the specification of school.
  • Interns can benefit from the meal and transportation services of the personnel during the internship period.
  • Necessary conditions must be fulfilled and expenses must be paid by the intern for the apron card given by the State Airport Authority.
  • Casio carries out the evaluation in terms of need and capacity and may reject the applications.
  • Candidates willing to do internship can make their applications only to Human Resources Management.

Trainig Policy
The primary target is to increase the operational compelence of the personnel and contribute in their personal development. In line with this goal, necessary training environments are formed and the trainings are delivered by senior specialists and experienced trainers.
Casio Air Service Inc. delivers the ramp, operations and passenger services trainings covering the operations to its personnel at all stations. It also follows up the progress within the scope of national and international projects and performs training plannings in the required fields.