Operation Services

Coordinating aircraft services, operation Services aim to deliver operation on time in accordance with security and safety regulations. On Arrival of the Aircraft;
  • Making preparations related to meeting prior to the arrival of the aircraft and inspection of these preparations
  • Checking the messages
  • Arranging the bridge and bus
  • Sending the necessary equipment to the parking position to unload the payload and bags at the Departure of the Aircraf
  • Following of documents and procedures which belong to airline company service
  • Making the weight and balance calculations along with the distribution of the baggage and cargo
  • Sending the required messages to the opposite station after departure. (MTV, LDM, CPM, PSM etc.)

Cargo Services

Delivering on time
Cargo Services operate on all grounds with experiences, IATA certified and customs regulations specialized staf 24/7. Air cargo services offered with high performance amd customer satisfaction:

Import Cargo Operations
  • Cargo Acceptence and Hangar Delivery
  • Cargo Classification and Inventory
  • Cargo Preparation for Customs and Documentation
  • Air Mailing Process

Export Cargo Operations
  • General cargo Admission
  • Physical Control and Pre-Loading Cargo Preparation
  • Special Cargo Processing (Dangerous Goods, Valuable Cargos, Perishable Cargos)
  • Air Mailing Process
  • Transfer Process
  • Custom Process
  • Documentation

Ramp Services

Focus on exellence
Under ramp security regulations, taking the necassary precautions against all risks and high standard services are our primary motive. Ramp Services start with entering of airplane into frequency and finalized with push-back (pulsing of the aircraft). To successfully complete ramp services procedure, all kind of equipment, due to their special functionality, are operated by specially educated and personnel.

Services offered as part of our Ramp Services:
  • Loading-Unloading of the Aircraft (consolidating and Transfering the Bags and Cargo to the Aircraft or Terminal)
  • Cleaning the Aircraft
  • Passenger Transfer
  • Push-Back & Towing (Pushing and Pulling)
  • Marshaling-Chocking-Barging (Safe Parking Services)
  • Clean-Waste Water Services
  • De/Anti-Icing