Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy By adopting the philosophhy of "the right person for the right job" as the human resources policy, Casio Air Services Inc. employs individuals who are capable of taking risks, have high communication skills, are competitive, capable of combining the professional experience and education with the usage of technology, efficient in creating difference by continuously improving themeselves and know at least one foreign language.
Candidates are evaluated by beeing put through exams and also one-to-one interviews and then placed in appropriate positions.

Casio Human Resources and Training aims the following principles:
  • Giving priority to experienced staff at all positions and ensuring the job orientation of the new staff within the shortest time
  • Using proprietary software in the employment system and following up the CV, interview and recruitment process systematically
  • Preparing instructional and guiding programmes, under control of psychologists, aimed at performance and motivation in accordance with the principle of quality work concept
  • Increasing the job competence through internal and external qualified trainings
  • Internal employment; evaluating primarily the demands of company employees for transfer and assignment regarding the positions needed; having group interviews when necessary and performing company overview with presentations.